Redmi 10 Prime spotted on Bluetooth SIG, can be rebranded as Redmi 10 in India. come on the market


Redmi 10 Prime was spotted on the Bluetooth SIG certification, which indicates that the launch of the variant is imminent. This happens just days after Redmi 10 was officially launched in the world market. A tipster suggests that Redmi 10 could hit the market in India as Redmi 10 Prime. Xiaomi has not yet made an official announcement on the schedule for the launch of the Redmi 10 range in India. Early rumors suggested that Redmi 10 Prime could be designed specifically for the Indian market.

Tipster Ankit (@ TechnoAnkit1) tweeted about the Bluetooth SIG list for model number 21061119BI on August 20. The listing suggests that this model number will likely be called Redmi 10 Prime. The last letter of the model number indicates that the phone is an Indian variant, as Xiaomi usually brings its global phone versions with the letter “G” in the model numbers, while the China-specific models of the number have a “C” have attached.

Redmi 10 is listed on the Bluetooth SIG site with model number 21061119AG. Both Redmi 10 Prime and Redmi 10 have the same model number apart from the last two letters, which suggests that Redmi 10 could launch as Redmi 10 Prime in India. This is based solely on the positioning of the model numbers and very likely may not be the case. In any case, the listing suggests that Redmi 10 Prime can run on “MIUI 12.5+” and support Bluetooth v5.2.

The Redmi 10 Prime smartphone with the same Indian model number was also recently discovered in the IMEI database. If Redmi 10 Prime is indeed identical to the global Redmi 10 variant, then the Indian variant can likely have similar specs or a similar design. All of this is speculation at this point and Xiaomi has not yet started teasing the arrival of the Redmi 10 range in the Indian market.

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