Twitter DMs get improvements: Tweets now easier to share with individuals, better navigation, more


Twitter announced several changes to direct messaging (DM) over the next few weeks. The microblogging platform shared the development through its official account, announcing that users can now send a tweet or message to 20 separate conversations. Some of the other changes and improvements include a quick scroll button, a new action to add a reaction, and a message grouping. All of these features started with the introduction on iOS and some of them will soon reach Android users.

Previously, if you wanted to send a direct message to multiple users on Twitter, the only option was to create a group and send the message to that group, which would allow everyone to see everyone else’s replies. Twitter users can now select up to 20 contacts separately and send the same DM as individual chats. This feature will be rolled out soon for iOS and the web, with Android support coming soon. Twitter shared the trend through a series of tweets.

There are more improvements to DMs, and both Android and iOS users will see a quick scroll button that will take you straight to the latest message and help you scroll through your messages better. In addition to the double-tap gesture to respond, Twitter has also added a long press action that opens a menu with an “Add a Response” option. This will bring up a response picker that you can use to browse the different responses for that particular message. For the time being, this function will only be introduced for iOS.

Finally, Twitter also shared it to reduce the clutter of timestamps by grouping messages by date, making it easier to navigate a conversation. For the time being, this function will only be introduced for iOS.

Not all iOS and Android users will see these changes right away as they have only just started rolling out. They will appear in the coming weeks.

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