Boston Dynamics robots do the coolest parkour moves: watch the video


Whatever you do, Boston Dyanmics’ two-legged Atlas robot can probably do it, if not better. The company was probably trying to prove this when it released a video showing the robot performing some impressive parkour moves. From jumps, flips and jumps, the team behind the robot managed to get the robots in the one-minute video to perform some even complicated movements. The video shows two robots, the first of which is walking on a sheet of plywood before jumping over an island and then running up and down a flight of stairs. Soon a second robot joins them, which jumps onto a balance beam and follows the path of the first robot in the opposite direction.

The clip ends with some impressive backflips of the two robots, who stumble, but then realize with a series of hand movements how cool they are. Boston Dynamics, the Hyundai Motor Group company, shared the video and said in the description that parkour is the “perfect sandbox” for the team to “experiment with new behaviors.”

“In this video, our humanoid robots demonstrate their full-body athleticism and balance through a variety of rapidly changing, high-energy activities. With jumps, balance beams and jumps, we show how we push Atlas to its limits in order to discover the next generation of mobility, perception and athletic intelligence, ”he explained.

Watch the video here:

Boston Dynamics didn’t just stop showing viewers what its robots can do. Instead, it also gave them a glimpse into the kind of work that goes into such technology. Another video explained that the team is focused on pushing Atlas to its limits in order to discover the next generation of mobility, perception and athletic intelligence.

Scott Kuindersma, head of the Atlas team, commented on the easy tripping hazards the robots had when performing the stunts and said in a blog post: “If you watch the video carefully, it looks a bit uncomfortable. We’re going to be sharing behavior that we previously tested so we are confident it will work. ”Kuindersma added that it was really an“ experiment ”as the team“ had this behavior after the backflip before today have not carried out “.

“On a practical level, it is a platform for us to conduct research and development on,” added Benjamin Stephens, Atlas Control Lead, explaining that the company is constantly expanding and pushing the boundaries of Atlas’s capabilities. “And then, hopefully in a broader sense, expand the company’s capabilities as well.”

In response to the video, a user with the handle “Science Fights” said: “This is extremely impressive! I wouldn’t be surprised if Atlas would be a stunt double in future films. This technology will allow filmmakers to cheat all those crazy stunts with a dummy robot. “

Another user named “Sonia’s Way” added, “The way they run, jump, and turn becomes more and more human with every video.”

And things could only get better from here, said Kuindersma. “In 20 years, I can hardly imagine a world in which there are no capable mobile robots that move with grace and reliability and work with people to enrich our lives. But we are still at the beginning of this future. I hope demonstrations like this give a little insight into what is possible. “


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