Elon Musk posts photo of Taliban members without face masks and asks this question


Tesla boss Elon Musk snatched himself up on Saturday from the Taliban, which recently took over Afghanistan. Pointing out their disregard for COVID logs, Musk went on Twitter and asked his followers if they think Taliban members know about the delta variant of the coronavirus that is currently causing spikes in COVID in the US and around the world. 19 cases leads.

Musk’s taunts of the Taliban referred to a meme he posted hours earlier, jokingly complaining that members did not wear face masks when they gathered in a group. This was Elon Musk’s first observation of the Taliban since the takeover of Afghanistan on August 16.

In another tweet, Musk sarcastically inquired about the Islamist fundamentalist group that knew the existence of the delta variant of the coronavirus. He wrote: “Do you even know about the Delta variant !?”

Social media response to Elon Musk’s tweet

Netizens responded to Musk’s tweet that the Taliban themselves were more dangerous than the Delta variant of the coronavirus. “You yourself are the most dangerous than Delta or any other variant. We need a vaccination as soon as possible,” wrote a Twitter user. One person asked if the Taliban knew about the lamda variant of the virus. Here are some interesting reactions to Elon Musk’s recent Taliban excavation.

They are most dangerous themselves than Delta or any other variant. We need a vaccination for her asap

– We are Himachalis (@WeAreHimachalis) August 21, 2021

May not be true, but I’m sure Delta Varient knows about it.

– Kuldeep Singh (@ImEncrypt) August 21, 2021

All they know is one latest variant of the Taliban that has conquered all of Afghanistan. 😊🤣😂

– Arunmozhivarman V 🇮🇳 (@ArunMozhi_offl) August 21, 2021

they have a strong immune system elon … they are purebred people. They don’t eat McDonalds and KFCs

– cyberfred15 (@ CyberFred15) August 21, 2021

Elon Musk is known to be extremely active on Twitter, where he has over 59 million followers, more than any other businessman in the world.

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