GM is preparing to replace bolt battery packs in 2017-2022, priced at over $ 1 billion


    2017-2019 Bolts may be preparing to replace their battery modules due to fire hazard.

    Antuan Goodwin / Roadshow

    The Chevrolet Bolt EV is great. It’s relatively affordable and has a decent range, but some bolts have had an issue where a defect in their battery modules can cause them to catch fire while charging. This is clearly not an ideal situation, so GM has called back twice about the problem. Now, however, according to an announcement from GM on Friday, the company is getting a lot bigger to fix that issue, and that includes extending the recall to model years through 2022.

    General Motors will replace the battery modules on all 68,667 2017-2019 Chevy Bolts affected by this issue. This will almost certainly be treated as another recall, although the filing has yet to be posted on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website.

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    Don’t make a mistake; It’s going to be a big deal for GM. According to a Southern California Chevrolet dealer, the repair time for replacing an entire battery is estimated at around 13 to 14 hours. That corresponds to over 200 person-years to replace all packs of the affected bolts. GM is extending the warranty on these new packages for an additional eight years or 100,000 miles.

    If you believe your pack may be among the affected, GM has a few suggestions that you should probably follow until this new job can be done. GM Says Affected Customers Should:

    1. Use the target state of charge mode to set your vehicle to a state of charge limit of 90 percent. Go to for instructions. If customers are unable to make these changes successfully or are not comfortable making these changes, GM encourages them to visit their dealer to have these adjustments made.
    2. Charge your vehicle more often and, if possible, avoid draining the battery below a remaining range of approximately 113 kilometers.
    3. Park your vehicles outdoors immediately after charging and do not leave your vehicles inside overnight.

    If you have any questions about this recall, you can either visit the website above or contact GM’s EV Customer Service at 1-833-EVCHEVY.

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    First published on August 18th. Update, August 20th: Adds information on GM’s extension of the recall to models by 2022 and its suggestions for owners awaiting recall work.


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