Google search throws up empty, broken images in the top stories carousel


Google search shows empty or broken images in their Top Stories carousel. When you search any topic on Google, the Top Stories panel – which shows the most frequently read news from various media – now shows blank or blurry image thumbnails. The problem started appearing Wednesday morning and several users posted screenshots of the problem on Twitter. The problem with the defective image persists and Google has not yet offered a confirmation or explanation. We asked the company for a comment.

The thumbnails in the Top Stories carousel appear blank or blurry. If you’re using a desktop browser, ideally you should see three stories at the top of the carousel. In some cases, some thumbnails appear fine and others don’t. In most cases, however, all three thumbnails appear blank, blurry, or damaged. A similar problem also occurs with the Google mobile browser.

In this screenshot, some of the thumbnails look fine
Photo credit: Screenshot / Gagdets 360

According to a report by the Search Engine Roundtable, the problem started appearing on the morning of August 18th. Several users went to Twitter to share screenshots of the problem. Some users flagged Danny Sullivan, Google Search Advocate John Mueller, and others, Google’s public search liaison, and asked if this was related to specific keywords or a general bug.

At the time of writing, Google has not yet officially recognized the issue and provided an explanation of why this is happening. It is also not yet known when a fix can be expected. Gadgets 360 turned to Google. This report will be updated as soon as we hear something. It should be noted that other than the image problem, everything else seems to work fine as the links on the carousel open properly on the respective news websites.


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