Jeff Bezos apparently installed a soft serve machine in his Beverly Hills mansion


Unlimited ice cream would make everyone smile.

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Summer time means ice cream, and if you are the richest person in the world, said ice cream can come to you instead of ever leaving your $ 175 million estate. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos seems to have proven this. Reports circulated throughout the week that he was installing a soft ice cream machine in his sprawling Beverly Hills home.

Los Angeles-based CVT Soft Serve shared a post on Instagram Monday about the reported expansion of Bezos’ house: “I just delivered an ice cream shipment to a man who now has CVT in his house 24/7. Thank you Jeff Bezos for being our first #CVTeeny customer ⁣ “

The post ended: “What. The real thing. Fuck?!? ⁣”

Bezos officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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The CVTeeny is a truck-like ice cream maker (complete with a customizable license plate) and, according to CVT’s website, has three flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and twist.

It’s not clear how much the machine cost the former Amazon CEO, but Bezos, with a net worth of around $ 185 billion, can certainly easily afford it.


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