Ola S1, Ola S1 Pro scooter with 8.5 kW peak power launched in India: price, specifications


Ola Electric launched its highly anticipated electric scooter in two variants – the Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro – on Sunday in India. The electric scooter from the new company of the driving aggregator service comes with two battery options – a 2.98 kWh battery for the Vanilla Ola S1 and a 3.97 kWh battery for the Ola S1 Pro. Both electric scooter models have a peak power of 8.5 kW. The Ola electric scooter will be available from September and delivery is scheduled to begin in October.

Ola S1, Ola S1 Pro Price in India

The price for Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro from the showroom in India is Rs. 99,999 and Rs. 1.29,999 respectively. However, the prices differ in the different federal states depending on FAME II and government funding. Including these as detailed on Ola’s website, Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro will be the cheapest to buy in Gujarat, with prices starting at Rs from the showroom. 79.999 and Rs. 1.09.999 or the electric scooter can also be bought at EMIs from Rs. 2,999 from leading banks.

Effective price ex showroom Ola S1 Hello S1 Pro
Delhi Rs. 85,099 Rs. 1,10,149
Gujarat Rs. 79,999 Rs. 1,09,999
Maharashtra Rs. 94,999 Rs. 1.24.999
Rajasthan Rs. 89,968 Rs. 1,19,138
All other states Rs. 99,999 Rs. 1.29.999

According to a blog post by Ola Electric, the electric scooter will be available in more than 1,000 cities from September 8th with delivery from October. Interested customers can then purchase their Ola S1 and Ola S1 electric scooters against payment of a booking amount of Rs. 499. The Vanilla Ola S1 is offered in five color options, while the Ola S1 Pro is offered in 10 color options, with both glossy and matte finishes available .

Ola S1, Ola S1 Pro specifications

The first scooter from Ola Electric is offered in two versions and both have a peak power of 8.5 kW. The Vanilla Ola S1 receives a 2.98 kWh battery, which offers a range of 121 km and a top speed of 90 km / h. Ola Electric claims that the Ola S1 can accelerate from 0-40 km / h in 3.6 seconds. It also has two driving modes – normal and sport.

The Ola S1 Pro, on the other hand, gets a 3.97 kWh battery via an “optional power enhancement accessory” that Ola Electric claims gives it a range of 181 km and a top speed of 115 km / h. It should accelerate from 0-40 km / h in 3 seconds. The Ola S1 Pro has three driving modes – Normal, Sport and Hyper.

Ola S1, Ola S1 Pro comes with a 7 inch touchscreen display powered by MoveOS
Photo credit: Ola Electric

The electric scooters are also equipped with a battery management system that “actively monitors the battery for optimal durability, performance, range and safety”. Ola Electric got rid of a physical key and it will automatically lock and unlock when the paired phone – which acts as a digital key – is nearby.

The 7-inch touchscreen display has multiple microphones, AI speech recognition algorithms and runs on MoveOS – developed by Ola Electric. The company is promoting the vehicle control unit (VCU), which is powered by an octa-core processor with 3GB of RAM and has 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The sound of the electric scooter is configurable and is available in four modes at startup – Bolt, Care, Vintage and Wonder. There’s also a voice command feature that allows the driver to complete tasks without physically navigating the touchscreen.

The company has also added a number of security features to the Ola Scooter, including an anti-theft alarm system, geo-fencing, and a flame-retardant, water- and dust-resistant battery. There are 110/70 R12 tires on both corners with a rear mono-shock suspension and a front single fork suspension.

In addition to the front and rear disc brakes, the Ola S1 Pro also has a hill hold function. In addition, the electric scooter is also given a reverse mode by turning the throttle stick in the opposite direction.


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