Skyrim’s iconic “You’re Finally Awake” intro broken down by the game developer


Even if you hadn’t played The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you probably would still have seen the iconic “You’re Finally Awake” cart ride intro on some meme. While the scene is fondly remembered, a former developer at Bethesda Game Studios has now detailed how the scene troubled the team as it emerged. On a Twitter thread, Nate Purkeypile said the team would struggle for a long time to find the problem that caused the car to suddenly lose control. Purkeypile had to watch the video hundreds of times to find it.

He said the problem is that it’s not just a car on rails. This car was real in terms of Skyrim’s engine. “Well, once, when I drive this cart one more time, the cart starts shaking violently and suddenly WOOSH! The cart flies like a rocket in the sky. Like WAY up there, ”he said.

So, I have a story about the Skyrim intro and how difficult game development is.

That intro is famous today, but back then it was just one thing that we had to work on forever. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve seen this cart ride. Easily hundreds. (Thread)

– Nate Purkeypile (@NPurkeypile) August 17, 2021

Maybe the road was too bumpy. Maybe there was just a physics mistake. Maybe someone accidentally put a stone too close to the road. The car had a path it wanted to follow, but that doesn’t mean it COULD follow a path. Big difference. 🙂

– Nate Purkeypile (@NPurkeypile) August 17, 2021

For a long time no one knew why this was happening. Eventually they found that there was a bug – a virtual bee – in the game, not in the software, that was making life difficult for developers.

So it turned out that there was another bug where the bee couldn’t be picked up in the game. Then some potions could not be brewed. This bug has been fixed. Just the type of collision inflicted on the bee did not make it easy to undo. It has also caused it to collide with things.

– Nate Purkeypile (@NPurkeypile) August 17, 2021

The problem with this digital bee was that it was an “immovable force of nature”. So if the cart and the bee cross, it would cause the cart to be thrown off the road.

That said, this bee was an immovable force of nature if it ever crossed the path of the cart. The car was about to go down the street. The bee didn’t want to move. So the shopping cart goes up!

– Nate Purkeypile (@NPurkeypile) August 17, 2021

“So game development is tough. Every time you fix one thing, you can break another. This is especially true for open world games, ”said Purkeypile, who is currently working on a solo indie game.

So game development is difficult. Every time you fix one thing, you can break another. This is especially true for open world games. But it is precisely this interaction of all systems that makes them all extremely interesting.

– Nate Purkeypile (@NPurkeypile) August 17, 2021

Many users shared their thoughts on the bee problem. One user (@diet_ice) asked if there were “Fallout Stories” related to another iconic Bethesda game series, Fallout.

Thanks for that! Never would have known! You should definitely tell more stories about how the games came about! Any Fallout Stories?

– AÅR (@diet_ice) August 17, 2021

Another user (@SteveAnything) said the Purkeypile story was a perfect explanation of why developers started jarsing the bugs, suggesting that actual bugs always distract them from the real work.

Now that’s a perfect explanation for why the developers started packing the bugs in jars.

– Steve’s Say Anything Podcast (@SteveAnything) August 18, 2021

A third user (@chavakno_) paid an ode to the “mighty bee”.

That just sounds weird ????
I bet it was frustrating but still, such a powerful bee ????

– Chavakno (@chavakno_) August 17, 2021

Here are a few more interesting reactions:

This answers the question: what happens when an unstoppable force hits an immovable object? Answer: The power is OPEN.

– Conor Miller (@ckd_miller) August 17, 2021

… how did you fix that bee thing? No, seriously … I’m interested.

– DivineBlood (@DivineBloodBook) August 17, 2021

So what you are saying in this case is that the bug that caused this was an actual bug? Amazing lol

– Claire (Valnar) ???? (AlValnarDragoness) August 17, 2021

However, Purkeypile did not reveal how the (bee) bug was fixed.


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