YouTube search to view chapter thumbnails, better recommendations for translated videos


    YouTube has announced new updates to its search feature that it claims will make it easier for users to search and find new content on its platform. Google’s own video-sharing platform has more visual search functions – such as the ability to preview chapters in a video – and better foreign-language video recommendations. However, only videos with subtitles in their local language are recommended for users. The YouTube search results also show supplementary results from Google search with links to other websites and formats.

    The new features for YouTube were announced in a blog post. The video sharing platform has not disclosed the exact date these features will be introduced, but Gadgets 360 was able to review some of the features. Google’s own platform shows its users a thumbnail of the video and the thumbnail of its chapters with time stamps. That way, users can jump straight to the part of the video that interests them most.

    On YouTube, users can search through the chapters of a video and jump to them in the search results
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    The YouTube blog post offers an example: “Suppose you are looking for a good sourdough recipe and want to work on your kneading technique. With these new search results, you can see every step in the video, from feeding the starter to pulling the bread out of the oven – and skipping straight to the kneading chapter. “

    Another visual upgrade to YouTube Search is the ability to preview a portion of a video before it starts. This functionality was previously only available on the desktop client. Now users can enjoy the same functionality while searching for a video in the mobile app.

    YouTube now shows search results for videos in languages ​​other than the user’s native language. These foreign-language videos are displayed in the search if the user’s native language does not contain the content they are looking for. These videos are displayed with automatically generated subtitles, titles and descriptions. YouTube mentions that this feature will initially begin with the addition of videos in English, with other languages ​​to follow shortly.

    The blog post also mentions that “they are experimenting with a new feature to add website links and other formats from Google Search to search results.” This new feature will first be available to users in India and Indonesia. It can be expanded to other regions if YouTube receives positive feedback from users.

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