Delhi recorded the highest one-day rainfall in 14 years in August


Delhi recorded 138.8mm of rainfall on Saturday, with the Meteorological Bureau saying the one-day rainfall in August was the highest in 14 years and the ninth highest since 1961.

According to the meteorological office, on August 2, 1961, the state capital recorded the highest daily precipitation of all time for the month of August, at 184 mm.

Delhi received 138.8mm of precipitation in the 24 hours that ended at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday – the highest one-day rainfall for the month of August since 2007 – it said.

The maximum temperature was measured on Saturday at 32.1 degrees Celsius, one notch below the seasonal average.

The lowest temperature was measured at 23.8 degrees Celsius, three notches below the seasonal average.

The humidity was measured at 100 percent.

The weather man predicted a generally cloudy sky with light rain for Sunday. The maximum and minimum temperatures will level off at 33 and 24 degrees Celsius, respectively.

A belt of clouds traverses the north and center of Delhi, which can lead to thunderstorms, lightning and light to moderate rain at night, the department said.

The capital recorded an unusual rainfall of 507.1 mm in July, which was almost 141 percent above normal. It was also the maximum rainfall in July since 2003 and the second highest ever.

Overall, Delhi has recorded 582.8mm of rainfall since the start of the monsoon season on June 1, up from the normal of 295.6mm – a 97 percent surplus.

The city experienced 16 rainy days in July, despite the fact that the monsoons arrived more than two weeks after the usual date, making it the most delayed in 19 years.

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