HBO Max just lost half and is trying to win back lost members from Amazon


HBO Max streams everything on HBO’s regular channel, plus additional shows, films, and originals.


HBO Max launched an aggressive half-price promotion on Friday for the ad-free tier of its $ 15-per-month streaming service to reclaim lost HBO members who had paid through Amazon and were essentially separated en masse earlier this week. HBO on Wednesday pulled out of Amazon Channels, a service from the e-commerce giant that allows people to pay Amazon for multiple video subscriptions on a single bill – but also gives Amazon a portion of their subscription fees and control over the relationship with each customer .

In May 2020, Amazon stated that nearly 5 million people subscribed to HBO through its Amazon channels.

However, the HBO Max promotion is available to anyone who signs up HBO maxregardless of whether you are a new customer, a return customer from Amazon or a return customer from another provider.

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The move to pull out of Amazon and then heavily reduce its service underscores the short-term business success HBO is willing to take in order to gain more authority over its streaming business in the long term. HBO max – initially owned by WarnerMedia from AT&T – a year and a half ago as another lively new service in the so-called Streaming Wars. Within a year and a half, media and technology giants have launched their own high-priced services to take on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and the like.

As Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus, NBCUniversals peacock and others, HBO Max hopes that its particular mix of shows, films, and originals will delight you with his vision for the future of television. But these corporate rivalries also affect how many services you use and pay to watch your favorite shows and movies online.

After getting off to a bumpy start, HBO Max has grown lately while some of its biggest competitors have struggled to sustain the previously glowing growth. HBO Max has been the most of its strategy lately Streaming all Warner Bros. ‘ new films Each film will hit US cinemas on the same day at no extra charge for its ad-free subscribers. Those big name films, plus vibrant originals like the so-called a Friends meeting special and the fact that Max is the main place to go to stream traditional HBO hits like White Lotus and Succession without paying for a full TV subscription as well have sparked more interest in Max this year.

Max’s half price offer is only available for 10 days through September 26th. It offers six months of HBO Max’s ad-free tier – the tier that unlocks access to movies on the same day as Dune and thMatrix 4 later this year – for $ 7.49 per month. Customers can sign up at or through Apple, Google, LG, Microsoft, Sony, Roku and Vizio.

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