Air Canada resumes flights to India after a four-month COVID-induced hiatus


After a four month hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Air Canada has resumed operations to India. Canada’s largest airline confirmed the development in response to a passenger request on Twitter. A user named Ameya Gupte shared an airborne radar chart showing an Air Canada flight from Toronto to Delhi and tweeted, “@AirCanada just noticed that AC42 is on its way from YYZ to DEL. Are you resuming direct flights from India? I am waiting to book DEL YYZ for December. Please let me know. “According to this radar, the Air Canada AC42 is expected to land in Delhi tonight.

Air Canada’s flights to India are operated under the bilateral Air Bubble Agreement that India has signed with Canada and other 27 countries. Passengers planning to travel to Canada should carry an RT-PCR test, which must be performed 18 hours prior to departure. “The only accepted COVID-19 tests are an RT-PCR test or a rapid PCR test, performed no more than 18 hours before your Air Canada flight to Canada from the COVID-19 test center and lounge across from Terminal 3 Indira may be carried out at Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, ”says the Air Canada website.

It went on to say that tests from other clinics in India will not be accepted, even if passengers are transferring from another city. The website also mentioned that you can also travel if you present a certified positive PCR test result, which must be received 14-18 days prior to your planned departure in a third country. In this case you have to make an effort to enter the country and stay in a third country for at least fourteen days.

Published by Mehak Agarwal

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