All of the new HomeKit and HomePod features in iOS 15


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Apple’s newest operating system, iOS 15, landed on devices today. It contains several updates for the often overlooked HomeKit ecosystem, including Siri updates that feel long overdue. Here’s what you can do with iPhone and HomeKit devices in the new iOS.

Ask Siri to do things later

Ask Siri to control smart home devices at a specific time, such as B. turn off the light in 10 minutes

Siri will finally be able to do things at a later date. You can ask Siri to do something like “turn off the lights in the bedroom at 7pm” or something that depends on an event like “turn off all the lights when I leave”. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa can already do this, and Siri catches up with these delayed command options.


The Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell supports HomeKit Secure Video.

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HomeKit secure video

Support for packet detection with HomeKit Secure Video

HomeKit secure video compatible cameras and doorbells can recognize packages in the new iOS. HomeKit Secure Video requires an iCloud plan, a compatible HomeKit-enabled security camera, and a HomePod, Apple TV or iPad as a home hub. All HomeKit Secure video data is end-to-end encrypted.

The update also includes the ability to add an unlimited number of cameras to your iCloud Plus account, depending on your subscription. iCloud Plus plans start at $ 1 per month for 50GB and support for one camera and go up to $ 10 per month for unlimited camera support and 2TB of data.

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HomePod Mini as an Apple TV speaker

Choose a single or a pair of HomePod minis as the standard speakers for your Apple TV 4K for rich, room-filling sound and clear dialogue

A single one HomePod Mini or a pair of HomePod Minis can now be the default speakers for your Apple TV. You used to be able to Use HomePod Minis as a stereo pair for Apple TV, but the standard integration makes this a lot easier.


HomePod Minis can be used as a stereo pair for Apple TV.

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Updated media controls

Media playback controls automatically appear on your iPhone’s lock screen when a HomePod mini playing music is nearby

It’s now easier to control your HomePod or HomePod Mini from your lock screen when you’re nearby and it’s streaming. The HomePod already has the helpful transfer function to transfer music from your iPhone to your HomePod Mini by hovering over it with the mouse.

Adjust bass level

Set a lower bass level to enjoy music without disturbing the neighbors

You can now further customize your HomePod and HomePod Mini speakers with a lower bass level. Dolby Atmos (spatial audio) and lossless music were tested in beta this year but are not on the iOS 15 update list.

Apple TV with Siri. steer

Ask Siri to turn on your Apple TV, play a favorite movie, and control it while you watch it

In addition to setting your HomePod Minis as the default speakers for your Apple TV, you can now start playing content and control playback with Siri. Google Assistant and Chromecast as well as Alexa and Fire TV also have this function.


You can share audio calls and music by swiping your iPhone over your HomePod Mini.

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Smarter volume control

Siri automatically adjusts its speech level according to the room environment and the volume of the user

Like the latest Nest and Alexa devices, Siri now automatically adjusts the volume when she answers you based on the amount of ambient noise in the room and your own speaking volume. Alexa can too to whisper or Scream.

Siri in more places

Extend HomePod access around the house by enabling Siri voice control on compatible HomeKit accessories

HomeKit developers can now enable Hey Siri in third-party products by routing requests through a user’s HomePod or HomePod Mini. You can ask Siri to send a message, set a reminder, or send an intercom message from these devices. This can include devices like smart thermostats and other speakers.

Home buttons

Add Home Key to the wallet on iPhone and Apple Watch, then simply tap it to unlock a compatible HomeKit door lock for seamless access to your home. House keys live in the wallet app with other important items such as car keys and credit cards

You can tap to unlock compatible door locks from Level home page, August and Yale Assure Management.

SharePlay (coming later this fall)

SharePlay allows you to share video or audio over FaceTime calls. Multi-device support means you can connect through FaceTime on your iPhone while watching videos on your Apple TV or listening to music on your HomePod.

To update your HomePod or HomePod Mini to iOS 15, go to Home settings in the Apple Home app.


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