Apple’s next event in 2021 could showcase AirPods 3 and new MacBook Pros in October


    Apple could host another event this fall.

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    Although Apple uses the iPhone 13 at his September kick-off event Last week, the anticipation for the company’s next event is already growing, and the latest excitement comes from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who says new Macbook Pro Models and the AirPods 3 are expected to hit the market by the end of this year.

    Answering a question about new macs Earlier on Twitter, Gurman said he expected Apple to have “two events” in the fall, as usual, and that the second event could focus on that new Mac models and more iPads. Gurman has since said that he expects several products to hit the market in 2022: the new one AirPods Pro, an updated iPad Pro, redesigned Mac Pros, and MacBook Airs with Apple Silicon.

    At company September event, Apple has presented its new one iPhone 13 series next to the Apple Watch 7, iPad Mini 6 and updated entry-level iPad. the iPhone 13 Lineup mirror from last year iPhone 12 Collection with standard, Mini, Pro and Pro Max Versions. The updated iPhone continues to run iOS 15 and has a few Camera upgrades, more memory, a new A15 Bionic processor, and more.

    Before Apple’s final launch event, the company held two more events in early 2021. The first event was in April when we saw something new iPad upgrades, colorful iMacs, AirTag tracker, a purple iPhone 12 and more. (Here’s everything Apple announced this spring.) Then, two months later, the annual took place WWDC Developer event at which we a first look at iOS 15, MacOS Monterey (also known as MacOS 12), WatchOS 8 and iPad 15.

    But what about that rumored Apple event in October? Will we see one? new MacBook Pro or the AirPods 3? New Macs? Read on to find out everything we know so far about a potential fourth Apple event this fall, including a rumored date and the products Apple might be showing off. We will update this story as new information becomes available.

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    Apple’s event: Four new iPhones, a big refresh to the iPad Mini …


    When is the next Apple event? It could be in October

    Apple typically hosts three to four events each year, including a spring event, a summer developer conference, and one or two other events in the fall. The autumn events usually take place in September and October. the September event that fell on September 14th this year, usually features new iPhones and Apple Watch upgrades, while the October event usually features new Macs and iPads, which is in line with Gurman’s prediction.

    Apple’s event pattern changed in 2020 due to. shifted slightly Production delays during the pandemic. The Apple event last September revealed the Apple Watch 6, Apple Watch SE and updated iPad models – but not a new iPhone. The company later revealed the iPhone 12 in October. The Apple event last year was also only online due to the pandemic. As usual, a live stream was available through the company’s website.

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    But this year Apple returned to its usual September schedule with another virtual event. Since Apple has often hosted an October event for the past decade (with the exception of 2019, 2017, and 2015), another Apple event is likely around the corner.

    iPhone Apple event

    Apple unveiled the iPhone 13 at its recent event.


    New Products We Expect: AirPods 3, Macs, and More

    Apple already unveiled a number of hardware and software upgrades during its previous events in 2021, including the iPhone 13, Apple Watch 7, iPad Mini 6 and a new one Entry-level iPad. But there is still a few things we expect announce the tech giant in the fall. We hope to see you AirPods 3, a bigger one iMac with Apple’s M1 chip, a cheaper Apple display and a new MacBook Pro and Mac Pro with a rumored update for Apple’s M1 chip. We are also looking for an Apple competitor for the Amazon Echo Show Smart display, a soundbar with integrated Apple TV and maybe a Apple AR / VR headset.

    AirPods 3

    Apple’s AirPods could get an update sometime this year, according to one earlier report from Bloomberg. Rumors suggest that AirPods 3 will have functions similar to that AirPods Pro, such as spatial audio support, a shorter stem, interchangeable tips and a smaller charging case. Here is what we hope to see when the AirPods 3 are revealed, and that’s how we think AirPods 3 is compared to the AirPods Pro.


    Apple’s new AirPods 3 could look similar to this concept design by Michael Rieplhuber.

    Michael Rieplhuber / Twitter

    New MacBook Pros, Mac Pros, Mac Mini, iMac, and Apple Display

    Last year, Apple announced that it would produce its own chip called the M1 for the Mac. Since then, there has been speculation that Apple could announce a new version soon of its processor for the new MacBook Pro or Mac Pro.

    Apple has already announced a new iMac with an M1 processor, but it was only the smaller 24-inch model. Bloomberg reported that Apple is working on processor updates for both the Mac Mini and the 27-inch iMac.

    Apple may also be working on a cheaper version of its Pro display XDR which was originally released in 2019. Bloomberg reported in January that a cheaper Apple monitor was in “early development. ”

    Echo Show competitor, soundbar with Apple TV and AR / VR headset

    We got to see some brand new devices from Apple this year. This includes the possibility of a Apple competitor to the Amazon Echo Show that would fuse an entry-level iPad with a speaker, a Soundbar with integrated Apple TV similar to Rokus soundbar and a Apple augmented or virtual reality headset.

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