Chevy Bolt EV, Bolt EUV battery changes start next month


It looks like Bolt EV and Screw EUV The owner’s battery fire saga is drawing to a close. On Monday the automaker said in will begin Battery change for the electric vehicles in mid-October. It also confirmed that battery production will be back online after operations shutdown to avoid building more batteries with defects.

GM worked with its battery partner LG from South Korea to isolate possible defects. That includes a cracked anode and pleated separator, according to the automaker. The companies have jointly implemented a new manufacturing process to address these shortcomings from the new battery packs, and the automaker said it will continue to work with LG to strengthen quality assurance programs for future battery production. The two will operate at least two battery plants in the United States in the coming years.

As for owners, the automaker said it will prioritize Bolt EV and Bolt EUV customers whose batteries were “manufactured during certain construction periods when GM believes battery failures are high.” Over the next 60 days, owners will also have to visit their local dealer and have a new software package installed. The software detects battery anomalies that indicate damage to an owner’s battery pack, and consequently moves them to the beginning of the line for battery replacement. The software cannot be installed wirelessly and requires a visit to the dealer, stressed GM.

Until the automaker replaces the EV’s battery, GM said it would limit charging to 90% of capacity, charge a Bolt EV and EUV more frequently, and try not to let the charge level drop below 70 miles. These cars should stay parked outside and away from other vehicles as well as to further minimize the risk of fire.

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