Ford Bronco Raptor confirmed, teased and is out next year


    Ladies and gentlemen, after months of speculation, it is finally official. A Ford Bronco Raptor is coming, and it is coming very soon. On Tuesday, the automaker teased the new off-road SUV in a video.

    This ends the back and forth rumors suggesting Ford may have gone with that Bronco warthog Name for this high-performance version of the SUV. Raptor already has some pretty good caches among Ford off-road fans anyway. I digress. The teaser video doesn’t reveal a whole lot about the car itself, but we catch a glimpse of the signature Raptor-style front grille. It also spells “Ford” in bold rather than “Bronco”. Then we catch the SUV sliding around in the dirt before the preview ends.

    There’s no doubt that Ford will be happy to bring this vehicle to market in the coming months, and we have plenty of time. The Bronco Raptor will be launched in 2022. Oddly enough, the brand called it a “special edition”. We have many questions that only time will answer.

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