GM says bug-free bolt batteries are in production


LG is again making batteries for the Chevy Bolt, and General Motors says it has worked closely with the South Korean giant to ensure the new cells are free from defects that have led to at least a dozen fires in the automaker’s electric vehicle on massive scale Recall. GM says it will start swapping out the new batteries for Bolt EVs in October, although it hasn’t said when it will restart production of brand new versions of the electric car.

Owners of older bolts (model years 2017 to 2019) will have all modules in their battery packs replaced with new ones. Owners of newer models could only have individual modules replaced, said GM.

GM said Monday that traders will also begin installing new diagnostic software on bolts over the next 60 days. The software continuously scans the batteries for signs of defects. Eventually, if none are found, the software will allow owners to recharge their vehicles to 100 percent and abandon some of the other safety policies that GM put in place while the recall was being worked out.

In the meantime, Bolt owners should continue to adhere to these guidelines. GM says owners should park outside and away from their homes after charging, and they shouldn’t charge their vehicles indoors overnight. Owners should not charge their bolts above 90 percent and avoid discharging the battery below 70 miles of remaining range.

However, GM made a small change to its guide. As long as they follow the guidelines above, GM says owners only need to leave “adequate space” between their Bolt and other vehicles, rather than 50 feet as was recently recommended. However, it did not define “abundant”.



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