HDFC is offering 6.70% home loans through October 31st


Home financier HDFC has announced that it will cut home loan interest rates for a limited time over the Christmas season. Starting September 20, home loans will be offered by the finance company at 6.70 percent. The program is available until October 31st.

The regulation applies to all new loan applications, regardless of the loan amount of the employment category.

“HDFC, India’s leading real estate finance company, today announced its limited-time special for the upcoming festival season. As part of this special offer, customers can take advantage of the HDFC home construction loan starting on September 20, 2021, starting at 6.70% pa. This offer applies to all new loan applications, regardless of loan size or employment category. The special rate is linked to the borrower’s creditworthiness. This is a closed scheme and applies until October 31, 2021, ”said HDFC.

Renu Sud Karnad, managing director of HDFC Ltd, said property prices in the country’s big pockets have remained more or less the same. “Housing is much cheaper today than ever before. In recent years, house prices in the big pockets across the country have remained more or less the same as income levels have risen. Record low interest rates, PMAY subsidies and tax breaks have all contributed to this, ”said Karnad.

Meanwhile, sister company HDFC Bank is aiming to double personal loans as consumer demand continues to rise. Arvind Kapil, head of retail assets for HDFC Bank, said uncertainty is decreasing and demand is increasing as companies seek to bolster growth.

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