iOS 15 is here, but we’re still waiting for a few new features


Apple’s iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 are finally here, but not all of the features announced at WWDC made it with them. We went through Apple’s product pages for each operating system to find the features that still need to be seen on iPhones and iPads, like SharePlay, improved AirPod Find My support, Universal Control, and more. With the exception of Universal Control, which is not (yet) suitable for iPhones, all functions listed are missing on both platforms.

Perhaps the most noticeable missing feature is SharePlay, which allows users to watch videos or listen to music with friends on a FaceTime call. Apple warned us (and developers) of the delay after removing SharePlay from beta testing, but it’s still a little awkward considering how important the feature looked at first. The delay is made worse with other features being held back – Apple recently announced that Group Workouts for Fitness Plus will be on hold until SharePlay comes out.

Apple also says better Find My support for AirPods won’t come until later this fall. The feature was announced at WWDC, with Apple saying some of the devices in its line of headphones will get an AirTag-like proximity view. The AirPods Pro and Max can connect to the Find My network, making them easier to find even when they are not physically with you. As someone who is currently missing a set of AirPods (and hoping to find them is draining like the earbud’s batteries), this is probably the lag that hurts the most.

What I wouldn’t give … Image: Apple

The App Store’s in-app events feature, which shows things like in-game events, live video streams, and other time-limited features, isn’t there yet either. It’s marked with the same asterisk as the other features and says it’s “coming later this fall”.

An in-app event shown on the app’s page. Image: Apple

iPad users also have to wait for the incredible looking Universal Control feature that lets you seamlessly share a cursor between Macs and iPads. It should come as no surprise that the launch is missing: unlike SharePlay, Universal Control didn’t show up in the betas, and the feature also requires the as-yet-unreleased macOS Monterey.

Of course, it’s worth noting that two of these features might be waiting for new hardware – another Apple event this fall seems likely, with predictions centered on new MacBook Pros and AirPods. As I try to remind myself, rumors are to be treated with caution, but it makes sense that Apple will wait to release a new version of macOS along with new hardware when it’s really that close.

If you want to learn more about the features that made it into iOS and iPadOS 15, check out my colleague Chaim’s titanic review of Apple’s new updates.


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