Marvel releases first trailer for the hit Monkey series starring Jason Sudeikis


    Meet Hit Monkey.

    Wonder / Hulu

    A first trailer was released for the new Marvel TV show Hit-Monkey, which landed on Hulu in November. If you’ve never heard of this superhero, it’s probably because he’s not exactly a superhero.

    Hit-Monkey follows a Japanese snow monkey who has fallen apart and dismantles Tokyo’s criminal underworld. He is cared for by an American assassin ghost voiced by Jason Sudeikis. Yeah, you’d better check out the teaser trailer below.

    The prolific voice actor Fred Tatasciore, who recently joined Marvels What if …?, Voices hit monkey. The cast is pretty impressive – George Takei speaks to a friendly, world-weary politician and Olivia Munn to his bright and ambitious niece.

    This is not Hulu’s first adult Marvel animation series. MODOK, about a super villain in the shape of a floating robot head, debuted in May. Hulu had originally planned to do a Howard the Duck and a Tigra & Dazzler series as well, which eventually aimed at a crossover of The Offenders with all four shows.

    Hit Monkey arrives on Hulu on November 17th.

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