Microsoft Surface Event 2021: All the rumors, predictions and announcements that can be expected on September 22nd


Streets of Rage 4 on the Microsoft Surface Duo: Cloud gaming meets touch control via Game Pass Ultimate. We’ll likely see a new version this week, the Duo 2.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Microsoft is hosting its annual Surface announcement event on Wednesday September 22nd, but so far only a few devices have leaked. Most of the news is related to that Surface Duo 2, the continuation of last year’s debut of the don’t call it foldable Surface duo. This time around, we feel like Microsoft is giving the familiar some marketing territory in order to appeal to a larger audience since its biggest competitor is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 (and even that struggles to sell beyond curious people with deep pockets).

We also expect the Surface Pro 8 and the Surface Go 3, successors from 2019 Surface Pro 7 and last year Surface Go 2 Two-in-one tablets. It could also be a new model of the Surface book. When the iMac-like Surface Studio Desktop is revealed, it will be a surprise based on what we currently know. And it is unlikely that the Surface laptop will see all updates as it was recently updated.

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What to expect from Microsoft at the Surface event


Microsoft will need some flagship devices to highlight new features in advance Windows 11 Dispatched October 5th, and it’s possible it breaks tradition and includes a brand new one Intel Alder Lake CPU, which contains Thread Director, a technology that improves PC battery life and speed and that only Windows 11 can use. So everything is possible.

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Here’s what we know so far.

Will we see a Surface Duo 2? Will it be a big upgrade from the original?

Probably yes, and big is relative.

YouTube: Technical Council

Real-looking photos of devices due to be upgraded are a pretty strong indicator that the announcement is imminent. Here we are at Duo 2; Allegedly leaked photos appeared in July, giving Microsoft plenty of lead time to prepare the device for the October event. Possible changes include a rear view camera with a trio of cameras – 16-megapixel ultra-wide, 12-megapixel telephoto, and 12-megapixel standard, as well as a time-of-flight sensor for depth. We also expect white or black color options with a frosted glass finish and the lack of a dedicated fingerprint reader that Windows Central believes has been built into the power button. It is also said that the USB-C port has been moved. The website also believes the new duo will include a Snapdragon 888 processor and two 5.8-inch “high refresh rate” screens. That may be enough to cheer Scott Stein, who was disappointed with the original duo’s rather low specs.

But the most telling sign that we’re going to see a Surface Duo 2 is Microsoft’s fire sale of the original model. It was available for just $ 400 in early August, and even now you can get it direct from Microsoft for half the original price. It also just passed certification with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission mentioning wireless charging. Before you get excited, it’s probably just inductive charging of the pen (like an Apple Pencil 2) per Windows Central.

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Microsoft Surface Duo 2: Images Leaked Online?


Will there be a Surface Pro 8? How about a Surface Go 3?


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An upgrade to the Surface Pro range is long overdue – the design is pretty old at this point with ugly big bezels – and Windows Central claims a new model should hit the market on October 5th, the same day as Windows 11 is shipped. Rumored changes include a bigger display and thinner bezels to mimic the design of the Surface Pro X, support for USB-C / Thunderbolt (essentially for connecting to modern storage devices and displays), and Intel 11th Plus chips announced in January. The display is said to be larger compared to the Surface Pro 7, probably closer to the 13-inch display size of the Surface Pro X.

Another option is to support a similar dynamic screen refresh rate of 120Hz, similar to the recently announced iPhone 13 Pro (and which has been on the iPad Pro for a while).

A refreshed but not redesigned version of the inexpensive Surface Go 2 is also very likely, as Geekbench results for it have surfaced with newer Intel Pentium and Core i3 processors of the 10th generation. But it’s a detachable budget, which means it probably won’t get redesigned until something trickles down from a more expensive sibling. However, better performance is always welcome in this segment.

Will we see a Surface Book 4?

Possibly under a new name.

The Surface Book range was Microsoft’s attempt at a powerful two-in-one device that made it possible to incorporate separate graphics into the base for better “docked” performance. But I always found it to be a really awkward design. The most intriguing rumor I’ve seen is that it’s being redesigned with a pivot hinge that lets you pull the display down, much like the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard or Asus Concept D Ezel models. It was also announced that it will contain the latest Nvidia RTX 30 series GPU and 11th or 12th generation Intel processors; either would be great, but that’s not how Microsoft works. It’s more likely that it could get last generation CPUs. It has also been rumored that the line could be renamed “Surface Laptop Pro” instead of the Surface Book 4, which actually makes a lot of sense.

Should we expect a new Surface Pro X?


The last time Microsoft’s Qualcomm-powered Surface Detachable got a refresh was a year ago. Now it’s time for a little design update. Windows-on-Arm-based devices still haven’t made the dent Microsoft was hoping for, and in order to put on a good show with Windows 11, it must include the latest processor – possibly the same Snapdragon 888 rumored for the duo 2. Windows Central also heard that there might be a Wi-Fi-only model of it.

Are we getting a new Surface Laptop? A Surface Laptop Go 2?

Probably not.

The Surface Laptop lineup was updated with Surface Laptop 4 in April 2021, predictably with last generation Ryzen processors or 11th generation Intel processors. The corresponding Intel mobile CPUs are usually updated towards the end of the year, so they will likely be of the last generation soon enough.

The Surface Laptop Go got little to no update enthusiasm, but it was launched last October. At best, it’s likely to get a processor bump, but Microsoft generally leaves it for a couple of years unless it’s something innovative like the duo. Since this is the budget model and we are in the midst of a component shortage, it is even less likely that there will be an update for a while.

Why is Microsoft still charging $ 3,500 for the outdated Studio 2?

It’s the ad.

I have to ask this because there hasn’t been a whisper about an update to this once-state-of-the-art all-in-one in years and it is still sold with old Nvidia GTX graphics and a seventh generation Intel processor – neither those Were impressive or new when the upgrade was announced nearly three years ago. In all fairness, the computer part of the studio was never something to write home about; It was always about the display, a 28-inch pull-down wide-gamut screen with support for pressure-sensitive drawing. The screen and hinge have always been unique to Microsoft, which is what makes the system so expensive to this day.

But over the years there have been rumors that Microsoft is turning the display into a standalone system (although these are just the voices in my head), and unless it plans to overhaul the system, the company really needs to come up with a different strategy . When a new Surface Studio desktop is announced at the event, I’ll be thrilled. But also very surprised.


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