Netflix launches first free Android cellular plan of its kind in Kenya


Netflix is ​​launching a new free Android cellular plan in Kenya that will allow users to view a limited selection of its catalog, including full seasons of selected shows.

Netflix announced that starting this week, the new ad-free Netflix cellular plan for Android will allow users to sign in without entering payment information (although they’ll need to confirm they’re 18 years or older and still need to email -Address to submit in order to create a login).

Netflix is ​​hoping users will upgrade to a paid subscription

A Netflix spokesperson confirmed to The Verge that the streamer is offering a free tier for the first time. About a quarter of the library will be included on the free plan, and users at this tier will be able to watch entire seasons of shows. Netflix hopes that at some point users who enjoy using the service will upgrade to one of its paid subscriptions, which also supports streaming from TVs and laptops.

Netflix has already experimented with free-to-stream content to attract new subscribers. It had previously made some of its content available on YouTube, for example, and the company experimented with a free portal with a small selection of titles after it finally stopped its free trial in the USA. HBO Max, which also ended its free trial prior to the release of Wonder Woman on the service in 1984, has similarly experimented with offering limited episodes for free in an attempt to increase its subscriber numbers.

Netflix’s free Android plan for users in Kenya launched on Monday and will continue to roll out in the coming weeks.


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