One of our favorite gaming laptops is $ 330 cheaper at Dell today


Our review of the Dell G5 15 SE made it one of our most popular gaming laptops of the past year. However, more than a year later, this laptop still offers a lot of performance, and its top-performing configuration is available from Dell for just $ 900. While Dell gaming laptops typically use an Intel-based architecture, the G15 SE relies entirely on AMD hardware instead. A Ryzen 7 4800H CPU with speeds of up to 4.2 GHz and a 6 GB RX 5600M GPU deliver excellent performance for 1080p games. While we weren’t impressed with the aesthetics of this laptop, we couldn’t disagree with the overall performance.

Dell G5 15 SE

The Dell G5 15 SE offers excellent performance for its price, leaving the Intel / Nvidia combo behind in favor of an all-AMD build. This 15-inch laptop combines a Ryzen 7 4800H CPU with an RX 5600M for superb 1080p performance.

Our review of the Xbox Elite Series 2, a favorite among the Verge staff, should give you an idea of ​​how much we love this controller. Right now, you can add this beast to your gaming arsenal for $ 158, the lowest price ever on Amazon. This model brings back the backside paddles of its predecessor as well as the interchangeable thumb sticks and a D-pad. Perhaps the biggest improvement to the controller, however, is the built-in battery that lasts up to 40 hours on a single charge and can be charged via the clamshell case that doubles as a charging station.

Xbox Elite Series 2 controller

The Xbox Elite Series 2 is sure to be one of our favorite controllers at The Verge. It’s an improvement on the already excellent Elite controller, with extensive customization that allows you to customize the layout in dozens of unique combinations to suit your style of play.

Do you want to upgrade your outdated gaming setup at home? If so, the curvaceous Razer Iskur gaming chair got a hefty discount on Amazon so it’s only $ 400 for a limited time. While it definitely caused some eyebrows last year with its snakeskin aesthetic, the Razer Iskur has proven to be one of the most comfortable gaming chairs in its class. The Iskur has a wide range of adjustment options as well as a uniquely pronounced lumbar support that can be moved depending on body size and posture. While the price is certainly a bit steep, the Razer Iskur is a great investment for anyone who spends a lot of time behind a desk.

Razer Iskur gaming chair

Razer’s first foray into gaming chairs, the Razer Iskur, features dense memory foam cushions that are covered with synthetic leather. The Iskur can also be adjusted to fit a variety of desk configurations and body types, and the chair’s armrests and lumbar support can be fine-tuned to ensure a comfortable and healthy sitting position.

Borderlands 3’s terrifying humor can be yours today for just $ 10 at Best Buy. Writing the Borderlands series has always been divisive, but regardless of your stance on poop humor, the gameplay remains extremely addicting. A staple of the loot shooter genre, Borderlands 3 blends a virtually unlimited number of weapon combinations with RPG-style character builds and its own unique style of comedy. While it definitely has more than enough features and content for an immersive single player experience, the game also supports up to four players in online co-op. Right now, Best Buy is offering $ 20 off the physical version of the popular title on PlayStation (PS4 and PS5 compatible) and Xbox (Xbox One and Xbox Series S / X compatible). Check out the review from Polygon if you want to learn more.

Borderland 3

Borderlands 3 features more spooky humor than you can shake a stick with. It builds on everything that made its predecessors great, too, and gives you access to a virtually limitless arsenal of weapons, online co-op, and humor that will likely appeal to your low-key, intermediate-level sensibilities.


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