Roblox will start checking the ages of teenage players


Roblox is introducing an age verification feature that will allow players to verify their age and gain access to features reserved for older players. Age verification is optional and Roblox is telling The Verge that it is “not storing any data” from the verification process that requires identification.

At the moment, only one feature requires age verification: Roblox’s new voice chat feature, Spacial Voice. During the initial beta test, it will only be available to players who certify that they are at least 13 years old. (Roblox didn’t say if it would be available to users later regardless of verification status.)

But the implication seems to be that other features – perhaps certain Roblox games or community tools – might be age-dependent as the company works to protect its relatively young user base. Roblox says that more than half of its users are now over 13 years old, but that also means nearly half of its users are still under 13 years old.

For verification, an “ID card, driver’s license or passport” and a selfie taken “on site” must be uploaded to confirm that the ID was really uploaded by the person to whom it belongs. Roblox only accepts government-issued IDs, which could be a problem – younger players are less likely to have formal IDs than older players, and that’s probably even less common in certain regions where ID is more difficult to come by.

The feature begins rolling out today and will be available worldwide to users 13 years or older.


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