Save 40% on Halloween costumes for pets and children today



It doesn’t get much cuter than dogs in Halloween costumes, right? Don’t let anyone tell you that these outfits can only be worn one day a year. The only thing that should hold you back when thinking about what to wear to your favorite child is cost. Halloween costumes can often be a bit expensive, which is why it’s a big deal that Target cut the price of a ton of costumes by 40% for just today. Oh, and there are some costumes for kids too if that’s your thing.

Joking aside, there are many different costumes here for all human and canine body types, including simple scarves for the latter if you’d rather not wear a full body outfit. Target has a range of inclusive costumes for wheelchair users with some very cool options including loads of pop culture kids’ costumes. Every option available for sale on Target today is clearly marked for delivery or pickup, but that discount is only available today.

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