The government expects the production of Kharif Foodgrain to reach a record 150.50 million tons this year


India’s food grain production is likely to hit a record 150.50 million tons in the current Kharif season with better rice production amid a good monsoon, the Ministry of Agriculture said Tuesday.

In the kharif season of the harvest year 2020/21 (July-June), grain production from rice, pulses and coarse grain reached a record value of 149.56 million tons.

Record production is anchored in rice, sugar cane and cotton. However, coarse grain and oilseed production is expected to be marginally lower during this year’s Kharif season.

The sowing of kharif (summer) plants such as rice begins with the onset of the southwest monsoon from June, while harvesting in most parts begins from October.

On the release of the first food grain production forecast for the current Kharif season, Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said: “A record production of food grain is estimated at 150.50 million tons during the Kharif season.”

The bumper crop will come from the tireless hard work of farmers and scientists alongside farmer-friendly government policies, he said.

According to the data, legume production is expected to increase to 9.45 million tons in the 2021-22 Kharif season, from 8.69 million tons in the previous year.

The production of Tur, the main Kharif impulse, is estimated from 4.28 million tons to 4.43 million tons. However, the production of coarse grain is estimated from 36.46 million tons to 34 million tons.

For coarse grain, corn production in the Kharif season 2021-22 is estimated at 21.24 million tons from 21.44 million tons in the previous year.

Likewise, the production of oilseeds is expected to be lower to 23.39 million tons from 24.03 million tons.

In the case of oilseeds, the production of peanuts is slightly lower at 8.25 million t compared to 8.55 million t, and that of soy at 12.72 million t compared to 12.89 million t.

In the case of Cash Crops, sugar cane production is estimated at a record 419.25 million tons during the 2021-22 season in Kharif, compared to 399.25 million tons last year.

Cotton production should also reach a record level of 36.22 million bales (170 kg each) compared to 35.38 million bales in the previous year.

Jute and Mesta production is slightly higher this year at 9.61 million bales (180 kg each) compared to 9.55 million bales last year, according to the data.


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