You can now pay $ 3.99 per month to start listening to Marvel podcasts early


    SiriusXM is using Apple Podcasts to sell more subscriptions, especially subscriptions to Marvel content. The company today launched a new Apple Podcast channel for its Marvel content, as well as a subscription for $ 3.99 per month called Marvel Podcasts Unlimited. Paying subscribers will get early access to shows – they’ll be a week before wide release – along with exclusive titles including Declassified, a narrative documentary about the history of Marvel Comics. (These benefits are also available to SiriusXM subscribers within the SXM app.)

    Apple is the exclusive third party vendor for Sirius’ Marvel subscription product, which means it will not be available through any other member product, at least for now. This news follows that Sirius and Marvel agreed to a deal in 2019 to do shows exclusively for Sirius Properties with Marvel’s iconic characters.

    Comic podcasts are increasingly becoming a potential driver for subscriptions. Spotify and DC Comics signed a deal to launch shows together in February, while HBO Max was just unveiling its new Batman audio series with plans to release it exclusively on its app. The reasons for this are clear: people recognize the show’s names and characters, and they seem to love comic-based content too – just check out the success of the Marvel films. However, whether the same blockbuster status can be reproduced in audio form has yet to be realized. However, with Apple Podcasts by its side and its coveted in-app subscription button, Sirius could stand a chance of finding a significant new source of income.


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