ET Startup Awards 2021: This is what the jury members expect from a winner


Ankiti Bose, Co-Founder of Zilingo, Harsh Jain, CEO, Dream Sports and Satyan Gajwani, Vice Chairman, Times Internet, qualities of detail that make the best into great.

Ankiti Bose, Co-Founder and CEO, Zilingo


The Indian startup ecosystem paves the way as the world watches and learns. The growth of this ecosystem during the pandemic has shown that it is resilient and ready to adapt to the challenges of the market with record funding and many new unicorns. It is inspiring to see the future unfold before us, India first.

I’m very excited to see how many of the nominees are building a large-scale digital infrastructure that will accelerate construction for so many more use cases and interesting business models in India in the future!

Harsh Jain, Co-Founder and CEO of Dream Sports



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Today we introduce you to the contenders for two more important categories – Best on Campus and Comeback Kid.

Read Now Given the caliber of the Economic Times Startup Awards and the nominees, I would expect all of them to be the torch-bearing startups of India’s tech ecosystem, changing the lives of over 1 billion Indians. For me, the winners should have a clear ability to focus on and solve a very big problem. You should have a team that is extremely passionate and persistent, with a track record of world-class execution and the ability to keep experimenting as you scale exponentially.

The company should have a very large TAM (total addressable market), a high frequency of use and high customer loyalty with a strong uniform economy. The nominees must have shown real tenacity, be fully data driven, and have a user-centric approach to everything they do.

Satyan Gajwani, vice chairman, Times Internet

satyan gajwani picETtech

The bar for being a great new business leader is rising exponentially and with India being a thriving digital economy, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make an impact. Historically, great Indian entrepreneurs were known as smart, enterprising executives. Today, great Indian entrepreneurs are recognized for their ability to think bigger, make transformative change, pursue big visions, and build the skills and competencies to tackle large-scale problems on tight schedules. Of course, the best leaders can do both – attract, motivate, and align teams to chase the skies of the future while keeping their ears to the ground and attuning to current realities. When evaluating companies, I look for companies that can have a transformative impact, but also have the staying power to build strong, viable, and lasting businesses.

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