iPhone 13: All new colors and design updates for Apple’s new iPhone


    The iPhone 13 comes in a variety of new colors.

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    the iPhone 13 series, revealed to one last week Apple hardware event, includes new colors and design changes that upgrade the phones from last year’s iPhone 12 models. The four models – one basis iPhone 13, a 13 mini, a 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max – feature changes like a smaller notch, better battery life and new camera tricks. (Here is How to order the iPhone 13.)

    Here are some of the notable color, design changes, and upgrades you’ll find in the iPhone 13 lineup compared to the iPhone 12.

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    Apple unveils iPhone 13


    iPhone 13 colors

    iPhone 13 and 13 mini colors:

    • Starlight
    • midnight
    • blue
    • pink
    • Product red

    iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max colors:

    • silver
    • graphite
    • gold
    • Sierra blue

    The iPhone 13 and 13 Mini are available in five colors, including an atmospheric midnight hue and the long rumored and often longed for pink. The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max come in four different colors, including the vibrant new Sierra blue. In comparison, the iPhone 12 is available in six colors: deep blue, mint green, project red, white, black and lastly purple. The iPhone 12 Pro models are available in silver, graphite, gold, and Pacific Blue.

    iPhone 13 sizes

    These are the confirmed iPhone 13 sizes:

    • iPhone 13 Mini: 5.4 inches
    • iPhone 13: 6.1 inches
    • iPhone 13 Pro: 6.1 inches
    • iPhone 13 Pro Max: 6.7 inches

    These sizes are the same as the iPhone 12, but a bit thicker and heavier.

    A smaller notch

    Apple has installed a notched display on every iPhone since the iPhone X 2017 as a place for the selfie camera. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted this in March the iPhone 13 would have a smaller notch than its predecessor. At the event on Tuesday, Apple confirmed that the iPhone 13’s notch is 20% smaller than the iPhone 12’s.

    Some people thought we had one Look at a notchless iPhone during an episode of the popular Apple TV Plus series Ted Lasso. In two short scenes from Season 2, Episode 6, we see an iPhone without a notch, running iOS. Some speculated that the phone in question could have been the iPhone 13. But despite the buzz created by pictures of the phone, it now seems more likely that it was more of a CGI imperfection in post-production than a taste of Apple’s new iPhone.

    The same lightning port

    While the headphone jack for iPhones is a thing of the past, some had predicted that the rise of MagSafe accessories meant last year the next iPhone would be portable. However, all iPhone 13 models have a Lightning connector.

    A 120 Hz display

    As it was predicted by Kuo in March, both iPhone 13 Pro models have a 120Hz display. The number of Hertz a phone screen can display refers to the number of frames per second that determines how fast and fluid the screen feels when you scroll through apps and websites. It also affects how smooth supported games feel.

    Lots of people were expects the refresh rate of 120 Hz in the iPhone 12 as some high end phones including the Samsung Galaxy S21 and the OnePlus 8 Pro, have this function. On Twitter, tech analyst and leaker Jon Prosser claimed that the decision not to implement 120 Hz in the iPhone 12 Pro was made due to battery life issues, as 5G alone drains so much battery. But that’s probably going to be less of an issue with the iPhone 13 that has a longer battery life.

    iOS 14 iPhone Widgets Beta

    The iPhone 12 had a 60 Hz display.

    Scar Gutiérrez / CNET

    A bigger battery

    All four iPhone 13 models have longer lasting batteries than their iPhone 12 counterparts. This is supported by the 120 Hz display of the Pro models. The extended battery life results from a combination of a larger battery, iOS 15 and the A15 bionics chip.

    According to Apple, this is how long the batteries of the new phones last compared to their iPhone 12 counterparts:

    • iPhone 13: 2.5 hours
    • iPhone 13 Mini: 1.5 hours
    • iPhone 13 Pro: 1.5 hours
    • iPhone 13 Pro Max: 2.5 hours

    The new iPhones also have a Smart Data Mode that automatically switches to LTE when 5G is not required.

    A slightly thicker width and a higher weight

    The iPhone 13 and 13 Pro models are slightly thicker than their iPhone 12 predecessors: while the iPhone 12 was 7.4 mm thick and weighed 5.78 ounces (164 grams), the 13 is 7.65 mm thick and weighs 6.14 Ounces (174 grams). But that’s a difference that most people probably won’t notice.


    The iPhone 13 is slightly thicker and heavier than the iPhone 12, but not by much.


    For more information, see How to order the iPhone 13 and the The best ways to sell or trade in your old iPhone.

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