Marvel’s Shang-Chi will be streamed “for free” on Disney Plus on November 12th


    Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings will hit theaters on September 3rd with 45-day availability in theaters only.


    Marvel’s Shang-Chi and Legend of the Ten Rings will be available on Disney Plus on November 12 at no additional cost to subscribers, Disney announced on Tuesday. That’s about a month later than previously expected, but still much faster when Disney’s pre-pandemic theatrical films hit the streaming service than it normally took them five to eight months to start streaming.

    The streaming release of Shang-Chi will coincide with what Disney calls Disney Plus Day, a marketing campaign that Shang-Chi is making available on the service for the first time, while Jungle Cruise will also be available to stream there at no additional cost. The day will also mark the release of some standalone specials about Star Wars character Boba Fett and the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Disney Plus, along with other promotional releases.

    Shang-Chi was one of the box office pandemic’s biggest success stories, grossing more than $ 305 million in admission tickets globally in just over two weeks. A major contributor to this success was the movie’s streaming strategy, which was designed to keep it from being officially streamed.

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    Unlike other films Disney released during the pandemic, Shang-Chi couldn’t be streamed on Disney Plus. Previously, several Disney films – typically mid-budget live-action films and the latest Pixar films Luca and Soul – completely skipped theaters and could be streamed on Disney Plus at no additional cost. For the biggest movies, Disney Plus launched its Premier Access model to sell streaming access to new movies on the big screen. Disney Plus members could stream brand new movies at home for a fee of $ 30 on top of the subscription price. Disney released five films with Premier Access, most notably Marvel’s Black Widow in July.

    Then, as vaccinations widened, Disney reintroduced plans for exclusive plays. The first film to hit theaters this way was Free Guy, a video game comedy from Disney’s 20th Century Studios. It was released in theaters on August 13, with a 45 day commitment to be only available in theaters. Shang-Chi was the second Disney film to be available exclusively in theaters since the pandemic began and hit theaters on September 3 with the same 45-day theatrical window.

    In mid-August, Disney CEO Bob Chapek announced that Shang-Chi was too Disney Plus Immediately after this 45-day window in theaters, the Marvel strip will be set up to be available for streaming there in mid-October. “The prospect of being able to take a Marvel title with you after going to the cinema, [in] 45 days will be another data point to inform our future actions, ”said Chapek at the time. But Chapek also emphasized at the time that Disney values ​​flexibility above all in deciding how films will be released during the pandemic, suggesting the plan was subject to change.

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