Paramount Plus, Showtime are introducing discounted packages that include both services


    Paramount Plus has redesigned the previous CBS All Access service.

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    The parent company of Paramount Plus and Showtime has launched a discounted streaming package that packs the two together, ViacomCBS said Tuesday, and they’ll be available at promotional prices for about a month. A bundle of ad-free Paramount Plus and Showtime in the bundle is $ 13 per month, $ 8 cheaper than what you’d pay for their respective services separately. A package that bundles ad-supported Paramount Plus and Showtime (no ads) costs $ 10 a month, $ 6 cheaper than what you’d pay for both separately.

    These promotional prices for the packages end on October 20th. ViacomCBS hasn’t revealed what the prices will look like after their end, but anyone who signs up on introductory prices will essentially lock them out for as long as they remain an active subscriber.

    Paramount Plus alone costs either $ 10 per month ad-free or $ 5 per month with ads, and Showtime’s ad-free streaming service is $ 11 per month.

    Bundles of online media services are common with other giants. Disney offers a bunch of its Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, and Hulu video streaming services at a discounted rate of $ 14 per month. Amazon’s $ 13 per month Prime member service unlocks a variety of services, including his Prime Video Service and its Prime Music catalog of streaming songs. And different companies work together to bundle offers – Spotify offers Hulu or Showtime streaming video services as discounted add-ons to their own paid premium music subscription.

    Paramount Plus marked another new streaming video service launched in recent years that aims to fight Netflix as much as it does Disney Plus, HBO max, Apple TV Plus, peacock, Discovery Plus and others who came before it. Like them, Paramount Plus hopes that its special blend of TV shows, films, and originals will inspire you with its vision for the future of television. But these so-called streaming wars also make it difficult how many services you use – and pay for – to watch your favorite shows and movies online.

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