Pokemon Go adds Zarude to its Secrets of the Jungle event


    The mythical Pokemon Zarude comes to Pokemon Go to celebrate the release of Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle.


    Pokemon Go is hosting a crossover event to celebrate the Netflix international release of Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle. The event runs October 1-10 and features a variety of Pokémon and research tasks based on the animated film, including the new mythical Pokémon Zarude.

    As part of the event, game developer Niantic is unveiling a limited-time Special Research story that culminates in the chance to catch Zarude – your first opportunity to get the mythical Pokémon in Pokemon Go. The Special Research Story is only available during the event, but can be completed at any time, including after the event has ended.

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    In addition to special research, Pokémon that appear in Secrets of the Jungle appear more frequently in the wild and in raid battles, and you have a chance to catch a special explorer, Pikachu. You can check out some of the featured Event Pokémon below:

    Wild Pokémon spawn

    • Huhuh
    • Combee
    • Drillbur
    • cotton
    • Dwebble
    • Larvitar
    • Explorer Pikachu

    One star raid bosses

    • Explorer Pikachu
    • Larvitar
    • Rye rola
    • Foongus
    • Ruffles

    Three star raid bosses

    • Lick
    • Chansey
    • Pinsir
    • Ludicolo
    • Flygon

    Team Rocket’s Jessie and James are also returning for the event. Until October 15th you can meet the villain duo in their distinctive Meowth balloon and challenge them to battle. There are also new event-exclusive field research tasks and a handful of free customization items for your avatar.

    Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle launches on Netflix on October 8th. In addition to the Pokemon Go event, the Pokemon Company is giving away a prize free Dada Zarude and Shiny Celebi for Pokemon Sword and Shield to celebrate the release of the film. The free Pokémon will be distributed as part of the Pokémon Trainer Club’s October newsletter.


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