The ingenious ClimaGuard housing prevents flood damage to your vehicle


    So, spoiler alert: climate change is real and we are seeing the effects much more dramatic than ever. Take for example Hurricane Idathat literally flooded the Gulf States and the east coast. Lots of floods mean lots and lots of property damage, including Damage to vehicles.

    Step inside the engineer and auto flood victim Rahel Abraham and the ClimaGuard temporary flood sheeting that The Drive reported on Sunday. Abraham – a former engineer in the energy industry – developed the recyclable and reusable waterproof car case after their vehicle was damaged in Hurricane Harvey, which hit the Houston area in 2017. Their goal was not only to keep their car dry, but also to create something that not only prevents flood damage, but can also be set up by one person and prevent a vehicle from swimming away.

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    The cool thing about this system is its relative simplicity. The ClimaGuard is made of TPE or thermoplastic elastomer, which is functional like a hybrid of rubber and plastic. It’s flexible like rubber, but recyclable like plastic.

    It swims and that’s a good thing.


    To install a ClimaGuard, place it on the floor, drive carefully over it and then place the two housing halves together with the Velcro seams. The highlight: These seams are well above the waterline of a floating vehicle and thus prevent water from entering.

    Floating vehicle? Yes, floating cars drifting in currents during major floods are a familiar picture to anyone who sees the news. It is less than ideal, of course, for your car to float and sail away, but having a car that doesn’t float isn’t great either, as it is likely completely filled with water by that point. The ClimaGuard lets the vehicle float, but you can tie up the car with anchor points and straps so it doesn’t wander by itself.

    Abraham’s ClimaGuard is a sleek and straightforward solution to an increasingly worrisome problem that is becoming more and more common in many states, and it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. The ClimaGuard is available in three sizes, depending on the size of your vehicle, and prices range from $ 399 to $ 479 with free shipping.

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