Watch comedian Demi Adejuyigbe’s lively tribute to Earth, Wind & Fire on September 21


This year’s 9/21 video will be Demi Adejuyigbe’s last, at least he says.

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It’s that time of year again: September 21st, also known as Earth, Wind & Fire Day, a date referenced in the band’s iconic song September. To mark the occasion, comedian and author Demi Adejuyigbe released his annual homage to the popular melody, a YouTube video with elaborate dance moves, eye-catching lights, cute special effects and imaginative sets.

Adejuyigbe has been publishing its 9/21 videos for six years and has garnered millions of views. It has become one of those internet sensations that you don’t see coming. The videos started very simply – just one guy in his house – and got more involved every year. This year’s video takes everything to a new level.

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It’s not just about the infectious music and the nifty dance moves. Adejuyigbe is again using its video to highlight three charities. First and foremost is Imagine Water Works, a New Orleans-based nonprofit that helps provide disaster relief after Hurricane Ida. The second charity is West Fund, a nonprofit providing access to abortion in West Texas after the state banned abortions after about six weeks of pregnancy. Finally, Adejuyigbe supports the Sunrise Movement, an advocacy group for political measures on climate change.

To raise money for the charities, the comedian is giving away a painting of a red jersey that read “September 21st” to “mark the end of the September videos”. (He says this year’s video will be his last.) So far, this year’s fundraiser has raised more than $ 360,000. To donate, go to For every donation of US $ 10, you will receive one ticket for the raffle.

You can watch this year’s September video here:

And here are videos from the last few years:


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