Watch the BTS music video for Permission to Dance that was filmed at the United Nations


The South Korean band BTS shot their latest music video at the United Nations and also spoke at the UN General Assembly.

Video screenshot by Gael Fashingbauer Cooper / CNET

Speaking at the United Nations General Assembly on Monday, BTS also shared a new video of their song Permission to Dance, which was filmed at the United Nations. More than 6 million people watched the YouTube video of the speech and song in just five hours. (Fast forward 30 minutes to see the band speak; the performance starts at about 38 minutes.)

If all you want to do is watch the music video, it’s below – and it’s already got over 4.5 million views. The video begins with the K-pop band on the podium at the UN General Assembly. Then they dance down the hallways and outside where they are accompanied by other dancers.

South Korean President Moon Jae In introduced BTS and called the band “the world’s most popular artist”.

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In their UN speech, band members wholeheartedly endorsed the coronavirus vaccine.

“All seven of us, of course we got vaccinations,” said band member J-Hope. “The vaccine was a kind of ticket to meet our fans waiting for us and to be here in front of you today.”

The group also spoke about hope and the promise of young people in a troubled world.

“I heard that people in their teenage and twenties are now being referred to as the lost generation of COVID,” said band member RM. “I think it is far-fetched to say that they are lost just because the path they are treading cannot be seen by adult eyes.”

Band member Jin said he too felt the pressure of the pandemic.

“There have been times in the past two years when I have also felt confused and worried,” he said. “But here we still have people shouting, ‘Let’s move on, let’s make the most of this moment.’ Because we cannot stand still when we are in the ideal time of our life to take on new challenges. “

South Korea’s President named the band the “President’s Special Envoy for Future Generations and Culture”.

And, as the Washington Post pointed out, the UN’s YouTube channel has never or seldom seen as much interest as it did on Monday when members of the band’s huge fan base, the BTS Army, tuned in to watch and watch the group perform Leave a Comment.


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