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The right amount of ingredients makes great dishes. And for that you need something to properly measure the ingredients. Digital kitchen scales can be a sensible investment for your kitchen. With that in mind, we’re bringing you some of the best digital kitchen scales deals right now on the Amazon Great Indian Festival 2021 sale. Digital kitchen scales will help you prepare delicacies, desserts and more that will amaze your guests this Diwali 2021. From this list we have created for you, choose the product that best suits your needs and get the most out of the Amazon Great Indian festival sales.

1. HealthSense Chef-Mate KS 33 digital kitchen scales

These digital kitchen scales from HealthSense are equipped with G-force load sensors that deliver precise and accurate readings of up to 5 kg in the shortest possible response time. Its advanced technology is designed to provide quick and accurate measurements. With the help of Quick Unit Converter you can measure the ingredients in grams, milliliters, pounds or ounces. It’s battery operated and comes with a removable food-grade BPA-FREE plastic bowl to help you mix and portion.

The digital kitchen scale HealthSense Chef-Mate KS 33 is currently discounted at Amazon. In addition to the reduced price, you can take advantage of bank offers and cashback offers to save more.

Buy Now at Rs. 898 (MRP: Rs. 1,899)

2. Hesley kitchen scales

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Hesley kitchen scales are equipped with high-precision German sensors that ensure accurate measurements. It lets you weigh a minimum of 5g to a maximum of 8kg in minimal reaction time. The unit conversion function allows you to check the measurements in five different units, namely grams, milliliters, ounces, fluid ounces and pounds. This is a multifunctional digital kitchen scale with 3 functions – food scale, coffee scale and digital kitchen scale. And all of this can be controlled via the AiFresh mobile app. The Hesley Kitchen Scale has a huge discount on Amazon.

Buy Now at Rs. 1099 (MRP: Rs. 1,999)

3. Bulfyss digital kitchen scales made of stainless steel

The digital kitchen scale from Bulfyss made of stainless steel is equipped with 4 Japanese precision sensors that deliver an exact weight with a fast response time. It’s made from food-grade 304 stainless steel, and its feather-light construction makes it durable and portable at the same time.

Additional features such as a backlit LCD display, instant unit conversion for six units, waterproof design and anti-fingerprint technology make it a must-have for your kitchen.

The digital kitchen scales made of stainless steel from Bulfiss are currently available at a huge discount on Amazon. You can also take advantage of the free EMI program, cashback offers, and banking offers to save more.

Buy Now at Rs. 699 (MRP: Rs. 1,999)

4. HealthSense Chef-Mate KS 63 digital kitchen scales

These digital kitchen scales from HealthSense are equipped with high-precision sensors that help to provide accurate measurements without delay. The advanced touch buttons enable smooth operation and a bright and large LCD with backlight makes reading the device easy. The quick unit change feature allows you to view measurements in five units. It can weigh from a minimum of 1 g to a maximum of 5 kg. You can purchase this HealthSense digital kitchen scale at a discounted price during the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale.

Buy Now at Rs. 678 (MRP Rs. 1,700)

5. Sansui battery-free digital kitchen scale

This digital kitchen scale from Sansui is equipped with a high-precision strain gauge sensor system, which enables precise reading in the shortest possible time. It does not use a battery and is based on the conversion of kinetic energy into electrical energy. And all you have to do is turn the knob 120 degrees to generate power to weigh the ingredients. It can weigh up to 5 kg and is available in two colors. However, your discount may vary. The tare function – which allows you to subtract the weight of the plate or container – as well as measuring in five units and the easy-to-clean design make it a must-have. The Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale listed this digital kitchen scale at almost half its original price.

Buy Now at Rs. 1,299 (MRP Rs. 2,499)

6. Frestyque Electronic Kitchen Digital Scales

frestyque amazon s

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Frestyque’s electronic kitchen scales are equipped with four built-in high-precision load sensors that enable quick and accurate readings of the ingredients. The large LCD screen makes it easy to read the measurements clearly. Not only is it easy to use, but it is also easy to clean and maintain. The lock reading technology allows you to lock the reading to avoid mix-ups when preparing meals. It can weigh up to 10 kg and display dimensions in four units. Frestyque’s digital kitchen scale is currently available at a discount on Amazon. You can also offer banking offers, cashback offers, and a free EMI program to save a little more.

Buy Now at Rs. 499 (MRP Rs. 699)

7. Glun portable electronic digital multipurpose scale

This digital glun balance is equipped with a high-precision voltmeter sensor system that ensures accuracy and precision in the shortest possible time. The wide LCD display makes reading stress-free. You can also lock the reading automatically when the measurement is stable. They can weigh up to 10 kg and its tare function makes it an indispensable tool for your kitchen. In addition to the current discount for these digital kitchen scales on Amazon, you can also save with additional bank offers.

Buy Now at Rs. 330 (MRP: Rs. 499)

8. Dr Trust electronic kitchen scales with digital scales

This digital scale from Dr Trust is equipped with high-precision weight sensors that ensure fast and accurate weight measurement for the preparation of perfectly portioned meals. This is an easy-to-use scale that can weigh up to 5kg and comes with the tare function that allows you to weigh small portions in the bowl without weighing the bowl. It has an easy-to-read, wide LCD display that allows you to easily take notes of the reading. It comes with a sleek design with a hook for hanging that is convenient for you to store the machine. It is currently discounted on Amazon Great Indian Festival sale.

Buy Now at Rs. 548 (MRP Rs. 1,500)

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