Drone food delivery: North Carolina company takes flight route to serve customers


In the US, food deliveries by drones are now picking up speed. The drone delivery company Flytrex has announced that it will expand its services to newer areas. The company recently launched its drone delivery service to Holly Springs, a small town of 25,000 in North Carolina. The company said it started delivering groceries to dozens of households that have chosen its services. Many grocery suppliers are preparing to take the flight route to serve their customers. This is because it saves time and the delivery people don’t have to deal with traffic in busy neighborhoods. It is also logistically cheaper.

This Holly Springs service is one of nine such programs being tested by US authorities before commercial drone services are approved.

For Flytrex, Holly Springs is the third operating area in the US state. They are already delivering groceries, household items and groceries in two other cities. Flytrex is reportedly planning to expand its services further.

Yariv Bash, CEO of Flytrex, said the company would like to demonstrate the benefits of drone delivery to more people in North Carolina. “We are entering a new age where smart cities harness the immense power of drones to maximize efficiency and satisfy the growing consumer appetite for on-demand delivery – while reducing our carbon footprint,” said Bash .

Holly Springs residents are “excited” to see the delivery drones in their skies and proud to welcome new innovations, said Mayor Dick Sears. As soon as the drone reaches the delivery point, the customer is alerted. The drone then lowers the food from a wire for the customer to pick up. Customers can also use the Flytrex app to track the drone while it is bringing them food.

In India, restaurant aggregator and food delivery service Swiggy is testing drones for delivery. It has received final approval from the Department of Defense, the General Directorate of Aviation and the Department of Civil Aviation to begin the processes. Swiggy’s drone delivery partner ANRA Technologies first tested the service in June this year and testing has been going on ever since. The service will likely deliver groceries and medical packages first.


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