WhatsApp “Delete for everyone” can be unlimited in time, new video interface discovered on iOS


WhatsApp is reportedly working to extend the time limit for the “Delete for All” feature. Another report suggests that Facebook’s instant messaging service (now Meta) is introducing a new video playback interface for iOS devices for videos shared from Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms. The WhatsApp delete message feature was first introduced in 2017, and the time limit of the delete for all feature was set to seven minutes and increased to more than an hour a few months later.

WABetaInfo, the WhatsApp features tracker, reports that based on details in WhatsApp for Android Beta v2.21.23.1, the time limit for the “Delete for All” feature may be extended indefinitely, from the time limit of 4,096 seconds Introduced in 2018. The tracker also advises that this feature is still under development and should be treated with a pinch of salt until it becomes available to beta testers. There is also no information on the release schedule for this upcoming feature.

The “Clear for All” feature was first introduced in 2017 and then the time limit for the feature was set to seven minutes. This feature allows users to delete messages from personal and group chats on WhatsApp. Once a message has been deleted, it will be replaced with a notification in the chat window stating that this message has been deleted.

Another report from WABetaInfo mentions that WhatsApp is getting a new interface for video playback on iOS. This allows users to pause, play the video full screen, or close the picture-in-picture window. Some iOS beta testers on v2.21.220.15 of the app have reportedly started receiving this functionality. This was introduced in a beta version for Android devices at the end of last month. Additionally, the tracker reports that some iOS beta testers may see a change in how YouTube videos are played on WhatsApp. These videos are automatically displayed in full screen mode.

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