Boston Dynamics’ AI-equipped robot dog is deployed at National Grid locations in the United States to aid in equipment inspection and maintenance


Boston Dynamics and IBM have teamed up to use the popular – but controversial – robot dogs at US National Grid sites for autonomous inspection. Boston Dynamics’ robot, called Spot, will be integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other required functions developed by IBM Research. The new robot will initially be used for regular inspections at the power and gas supply locations in Massachusetts and New York. AI-enabled robots are increasingly being used in manufacturing and warehouse environments, but to reap the real benefits it is necessary to have AI as close as possible to the source of the data.

This move by the two companies is likely to encourage more companies to consider such deployments. In a statement, IBM said the new and improved spot will give operations staff “greater flexibility” in inspecting equipment. The companies explained how employees in industry can benefit from the AI-enabled robot. First, it is designed to help address safety concerns in potentially explosive areas. Next, it provides plant managers with near real-time insights into device health. Finally, it would result in operators spending less time on basic rounds of inspections.

While Boston Dynamics projects this as an improved device, it has previously faced backlash for selling Spot to local law enforcement agencies, including the NYPD. Then the police abruptly terminated their lease and stopped the robot after a public outcry calling the devices “creepy”.

But Boston Dynamics said the demand for these devices is increasing. The statement cited a survey by the IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) which found that 56 percent of manufacturers have implemented AI-powered robotics to make autonomous decisions. According to the survey, 83 percent of manufacturers agree that intelligent automation will help them overcome strategic challenges and improve business results. However, they also point out that “most edge and IoT devices today are inflexible and often unable to respond to rapidly changing environments.”

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