WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger and Facebook apps display “meta” branding


WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger and other Facebook apps showcase the company’s new “meta” branding on both Android and iOS devices. The update comes a week after Facebook announced it would change its company name to Meta. The renaming is intended to go beyond traditional social media and better reflect the company’s ongoing investments in an immersive experience called “Metaverse”. In addition to Facebook, Microsoft and other technology companies are also developing their own Metavers-focused offerings. However, the Menlo Park, California-based company is aiming to gain the first mover advantage with its rebranding.

The meta branding was first spotted on the latest WhatsApp beta versions for Android and iOS devices last week and is now appearing on the splash screens of the latest versions of WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger and Facebook apps. The change is the result of the announcement Facebook made for the meta title last week.

It is unclear whether the rebranding will result in changes to the Facebook apps.

In 2019, Facebook started showing its native branding on WhatsApp and Instagram apps. This step should highlight his ownership of the two platforms.

Last week, WhatsApp boss Will Cathcart announced the provision of the new branding in the instant messaging app. The executive said the update is about recognizing the fact that WhatsApp’s parent company is “about more than just Facebook.”

“This new name makes it easier for us to explain that you can share a status that you have posted to your friends on Facebook (the app), use the payment functionality provided by Meta (the company), or use a service that is yet to be developed. “Cathcart had said.

Facebook decided on the new name months after developing Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) experiences.

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg said in a public letter that Meta will be a metaverse where people can virtually interact with one another in an immersive manner over the Internet. However, he did not describe what exactly we might expect from the company in the future.


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