Google Drive adds search chips functionality to find files quickly


Google Drive is getting a new feature that allows users to change their search and find files faster on the platform. The latest feature, dubbed Search Chips, works similarly to the Gmail search filters introduced back in September this year and allows users to filter search results on Google Drive quickly and easily. When searching for files, users can also choose from a list of suggested filters. The new functionality from Google is currently available in beta.

Google announced in a blog post the addition of the improved search function to Google Drive. When users enter a query, with the latest update, a series of buttons appear at the top above the results. These interactive filters can be used to curate items and find the specific file you’re looking for. For a quick search, Google Drive suggests search terms based on user information. Users can sort the search result by filters like file type, people, location, last modified date, tasks, file title and more. Multiple filters can be used together.

As mentioned earlier, the chip finder feature is now in beta. Interested users can log in to the Google form to use this function. It will be available to all Google Workspace customers as well as G Suite Basic and Business customers.

In September, Gmail for Android started rolling out the search filter feature to make it easier for users to find specific emails. This feature allows users to quickly and easily filter email search results on their mobile devices. The filter can be a name or a specific time frame. When searching for emails by sender, users can select from a list of suggested senders or search for emails from multiple senders.

With this feature, Gmail suggests search terms such as contacts, labels, and messages to refine the search. The results include all messages except those in spam or trash. Like the search chip feature in Google Drive, the search filter in Gmail for Android is only for Google Workspace and G Suite Basic and Business customers.


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