Mozilla Firefox Lockwise Password App has reached the end of its life cycle, will end support from December 13th


Mozilla has announced that it will discontinue support for its Firefox Lockwise password app. The app, which is available on Android and iOS devices, ends on December 13th. The final release versions of the app on both platforms have been announced, but Mozilla mentions that the app will no longer receive support or security updates. After the end-of-life date in December, users will still be able to access their password stored in Firefox Lockwise through their web browser.

When Mozilla announced the change in the lifespan of Firefox Lockwise, Mozilla mentioned that the password management app was no longer supported on Android and iOS. Also, users cannot download or reinstall the app from Google Play or the App Store. Version 1.8.1 and version 4.0.3 are the last available updates for iOS and Android, respectively. Mozilla has stated that the app may work on a user’s device but is no longer receiving support and security updates.

As mentioned earlier, the Firefox Lockwise app will end on December 13th. After that, users can still access their saved passwords and manage them through Firefox browsers on desktop and mobile devices. Mozilla advises that Firefox for iOS can automatically synchronize the passwords saved in Lockwise and use them in the browser.

Lockwise began its journey as a Lockbox and was first introduced for iOS in 2018 as part of the Firefox Test Pilot program. In 2019, the Android version of the app was released, and unlike the iOS version, users got a stable version of the app. Lockbox, now Lockwise, gives users access to their passwords stored in their Firefox accounts. It also supports Autofill, which adds convenience and allows users to specify the browser in which they want to open a website.

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