PUBG: New mandatory update brings anti-cheating measures, Krafton closes loopholes used by hackers


PUBG: New State has been updated with new measures that will improve hacking detection to aid its anti-cheating measures, according to developer Krafton. The mandatory update has been rolled out for Android and iOS users. The recently released Battle Royale game has seen a surge in software used to exploit the game to gain an unfair advantage over other users, which can be frustrating for regular gamers. Krafton also announced that additional updates will be released next week to identify and restrict these programs.

Krafton stated in a blog post that PUBG: New State on 23rd “We saw a sharp increase in the use of unauthorized third-party programs over the weekend of November 20-22,” the developer said, adding that more Updates with improvements to the anti-cheat systems would follow. These third party programs are designed to give players superior in-game skills at the expense of regular gamers.

Potential vulnerabilities in the game, which could have given hackers the necessary loopholes to exploit the game, were also patched as part of the update, according to Krafton. This should help reduce the chance of taking undue advantage of the game, thereby making players less frustrated. Many of the comments on recent posts on the PUBG: New State Facebook page include complaints of hackers influencing the game, which has amassed over 1 crore of downloads on the Google Play Store. Krafton says the restrictions on players using these cheats have been tightened.

Previous reports have shown that some of the anti-cheat methods used by Krafton included blocking players who have developer options enabled or those who access the game through an emulator. In the meantime, the November 23rd update will be mandatory for Android users. Those who haven’t turned on automatic updates on Google Play will be directed to the game’s listing if it’s out of date. The game has been updated to version 0.9.19 in the App Store, with “Service Stabilization” listed in the changelog.

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