Reddit to shut down the TikTok-like Dubsmash app, integration of video tools into the platform


Reddit is pulling the plug on its TikTok-like platform Dubsmash, the social network announced on Tuesday, just a year after buying it for an undisclosed sum to support its video creation tools.

The standalone Dubsmash app won’t be available for download after Feb.22, Reddit said as it introduced new camera and editing features as part of its video tools.

TikTok’s tremendous success with short videos has led other social networks to incorporate the format across their platforms, with Snap introducing Spotlight; Facebook, now meta-platforms, launches Instagram Reels; and Alphabet’s YouTube introducing shorts.

“The Dubsmash team has accelerated the Reddit video so that parts of Reddit Dubsmashers feel familiar,” the company said in a blog post.

Since acquiring Dubsmash, Reddit has said the total number of hours viewed has increased 70 percent, while the number of daily active video viewers has increased by over a third.

Viewership for short videos, which the company defines as two seconds or less, also increased by 50 percent quarter on quarter.

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