Twitter Acknowledges Bugs Logging User Out on iOS, Bug Fixing Coming Soon


Twitter for iOS has reportedly been hit by a bizarre bug that is logging users out with iOS 15. After many users reported this bug to Twitter, the microblogging platform said it will investigate the matter. Many users have complained on the platform that they have been logged out of the app several times. It is also said that the bug affects all accounts that a user has signed in to through their iOS 15 device.

Many Twitter users running iOS 15 on their iPhone or iPad experience unexpected logoffs, according to a report by 9to5Mac. Users have reported being randomly signed out of all accounts linked on their iOS device. The company tweeted that it is investigating the issue but has not released any details about the bug.

Can you see this or have you been logged out?

We’re investigating a bug that is causing unexpected logoffs on iOS 15. We apologize for the inconvenience and will keep you posted on the troubleshooting.

– Twitter support (@TwitterSupport) November 24, 2021

From the responses to the post, it can be seen that the error occurs among a large number of iOS 15 users. Many users have also reported being unsubscribed from Twitter multiple times. In addition to this, the users also report that they have been signed out of all of their accounts.

Earlier this week, Twitter announced that it had updated its app on iOS to fix a bug that caused users’ tweets to disappear while they tried to read them on the app. The problem affected platform-wide users and was initially fixed for the web client. The bug fix has now been rolled out for users on iOS. Twitter mentions, “Now if you stop scrolling the timeline to view a tweet, it should stay!” The platform has yet to reveal when the problem of disappearing tweets for users on Android smartphones and tablets will be resolved.

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