Google fined Russia for failing to delete prohibited content from search in Russia, YouTube


Google was ordered on Monday to pay a RUB 3 million (about 30 lakh) fine for failing to delete content classified as illegal by a Moscow court, part of a wider dispute between Russia and US tech giant Alphabet.

Russia threatened Google in October with a percentage of its annual Russian sales for failing to delete banned content from its search engine and YouTube.

Google, which last month said it paid more than 32 million rubles (about 3.2 billion rupees) in fines, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Russia has imposed several small fines on US tech companies this year. State communications regulator Roskomnadzor has been slowing the speed of Twitter since March, telling Reuters it won’t lift restrictions on mobile devices until all illegal content is removed.

Last week, Italy’s antitrust regulator fined Apple and Google € 20 million (around Rs 170 billion), the second time the regulator sanctioned US tech giants this week.

European countries have cracked down on big tech business practices in recent years, while the EU pushes legislation to tighten regulation.

The Italian competition authority said it had fined Apple and Google 10 million commercial ends each.

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