YouTube channels, anti-Indian propaganda sites, fake news to be blocked by the I&B ministry


The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting announced that in a “closely coordinated” action with secret services it had ordered the blocking of 20 YouTube channels and two websites for spreading anti-Indian propaganda and fake news. On Monday, the ministry issued two orders, one instructing YouTube to block the 20 channels and the other to block the news websites.

“The channels and websites are part of a coordinated disinformation network that operates from Pakistan and spreads fake news on various sensitive topics related to India,” said the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on Tuesday.

The channels were used to “deliver divisive content in a coordinated manner on issues such as Kashmir, Indian Army, minority communities in India, Ram Mandir, General Bipin Rawat, etc.,” it said.

In a video message, Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Thakur said that “strong measures” have been taken against 20 YouTube channels and two websites as they are creating an atmosphere of “fear and confusion” in India by violating fake news and anti-Indian content against Indian laws.

“Measures have been taken against them as part of the IT rules so that the agenda that Pakistan is pursuing against India (blunted) … Strict measures have been taken against them to prevent such forces from working against India,” he said.

The minister also tweeted: “We have taken tough measures against cross-border activities aimed at spreading unrest in India by spreading fake news and propaganda.” The ministry said in its statement that the modus operandi of the anti-India disinformation campaign was the Pakistan-based Naya Pakistan Group (NPG), which has a network of YouTube channels, and several other standalone YouTube channels that are unrelated NPG have to do get involved.

“In a closely coordinated effort between intelligence agencies and the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, the ministry on Monday ordered the blocking of 20 channels on YouTube and two websites that spread anti-Indian propaganda and fake news on the Internet,” it said.

By two separate orders, “one for 20 YouTube channels that run YouTube and the other for two news websites, asking the telecommunications department to instruct ISPs to block the news channels / portals,” the statement said .

The ministry shared the list of 20 YouTube channels that were ordered to be banned, along with screenshots of some of the “factually incorrect and anti-Indian content” running on them, and said they had a combined subscriber base of over 35 lakh people and their videos had over 55 million views.

“Some of the Naya Pakistan Group (NPG) YouTube channels were run by presenters from Pakistani news channels,” she added.

The ministry said that these YouTube channels have posted content on subjects such as farmers’ protests, protests related to the Citizenship Act (Amendment) and “also tried to incite minorities against the Indian government”. “There were also concerns that these YouTube channels would be used to post content to undermine the democratic process of the upcoming elections in five states,” she added.

The ministry said it had taken steps to secure the “information space in India” by ordering the blocking of 20 YouTube channels and two websites, using the emergency powers granted to it under Rule 16 of Information Technology (Broker Policy and Code of Ethics for Digital Media) were used. Rules, 2021.

“Most of the content relates to issues that are sensitive from a national security perspective, are factually incorrect and are posted mainly from Pakistan as a coordinated disinformation network, as in the case of the Naya Pakistan Group against India, and are therefore deemed appropriate measures under the provisions of the Blocking content in an emergency, “she added.

Of the 20 YouTube channels, the Information and Broadcasting Minister said that 15 were operated by the NPG.

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Some of the “actual false content” that these YouTube channels disseminated were: “Joe Biden Sanctions Modi When RSS Destroyed Christian Schools”, “PM Modi Acknowledges Defeat in Kashmir – Article 370 Restored”, “200 Members of the Indian army accept Islam in Srinagar ”,“ 5000 Assam Muslims join Afghan Taliban ”and“ Pakistan war jet invaded Kashmir – start of nuclear war ”, the statement reads.


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