PUBG: New State Redemption Codes: Krafton Reveals Free Rewards For The Holidays


PUBG: New State has opened its holiday celebrations with two new redemption codes that will give players of the popular Battle Royale game free rewards. After the game recently passed the 45 million download mark, Krafton says it shared these codes to thank players for their support. In-game rewards include “Winter Carnival” crate tickets and Chicken Medals. Both are now available to all players and are up for grabs until next month, according to Krafton. The publisher has a dedicated website where players can claim these rewards. These can only be used once per account ID and are sent to the players via the mail area in the game.

Redeeming PUBG New State Codes: How to Claim

These rewards cannot be claimed by users on their smartphones. Instead, users must visit a website established by Krafton to use the redemption codes. Here are the steps to claim the free Chicken Medals and Free Crate Tickets in PUBG: New State.

  1. Visit the PUBG: New State website.
  2. Enter one of the redemption codes (listed below) on the website.
  3. Open PUBG: New State on your phone and open the game settings.
  4. Tap the basic Tab and write down your account ID.
  5. Enter your account ID on the redeeming website.
  6. Release the CAPTCHA and click Repay.

PUBG New State Free Crate Tickets Redeem Codes

The first redemption code Krafton shared is WINTERCARNIVAL15, which gives users access to the Winter Carnival Crate. Players can access winter skins, accessories and clothing, as well as vehicle designs in the game. Users must request this redemption code by January 6th, and all PUBG: New State users can claim the reward once per account ID.

Redeem PUBG New State Free Chicken Medals Codes

PUBG: New State uses different types of in-game currency, such as NC and Chicken Medals. The latter is used to unlock boxes in the game to unlock special content, and Krafton is now offering six free chicken medals with the WINTERHOLIDAY redemption code. All PUBG: New State users are eligible for this reward and can be redeemed until January 10th.


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