LG’s next generation OLED EX technology offers improved brightness and enables smaller bezels in televisions


LG Display has announced its next generation OLED technology – called OLED EX – which, according to the company, will increase brightness by up to 30 percent, increase image accuracy and enable smaller bezels in end products.

According to a company announcement, these improvements are due to two key changes. The first is the use of an element called deuterium in the chemical makeup of LG’s OLED panels, and the second is the integration of algorithmic image processing.

LG said the latter will predict the usage of every single light emitting diode on the television based on personal viewing habits in order to “precisely (control) the power of the display and more accurately express the details and colors of the video content being played”.

LG claims that reduced aperture sizes are a little more specific with OLED EX. The company says that based on calculations with a 65-inch OLED display, it will be able to reduce the frame thickness from 6mm to 4mm. It’s not a big change on paper, but given the optimization of this technology, every improvement, no matter how small, has to be fought for.

LG plans to begin incorporating OLED EX technology into all of its OLED panels from the second quarter of 2022, although it is not clear how long it could then take for this technology to reach consumers.

Not only did LG improve their OLED technology, but they also played with some wilder concepts at this year’s CES conference, showcasing new transparent displays as well as inclined, curved OLED thrones.


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